Application Overview
Sensitron designs products for a wide array of markets including commercial aerospace, space, defense, medical and other hi reliability applications. Sensitron can design the optimal solution for your application.
Focus Products

Lightweight SiC & IGBT Power Modules

  • Light weight, low profile electrically isolated package
  • SiC FET Bridges up to 1200V/90A
  • IGBT Bridges up to 600V/75A
  • High temperature plastic shell construction
  • -55oC to 175oC
  • Part Number: SPM1 Series
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SuperClamp TVS

  • High power precision protection under 40V
  • 100% tested to single pulse of 120A for 100millisec
  • Designed for safe paralleling
  • LRUs containing up to 3 SuperClamps in IP67 plastic enclosures are available
  • Part Number: SCP-5282-4, SCP-5282-9, SCP-5282-36
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Protection for HV Relay Contacts

  • Automatic activation of external contactor
  • Low power consumption (0.5W typical)
  • Capacitor bank pre-charge current limiting - Up to 40A surge current at 300V
  • Built-in 500V clamp, in/out, for suppressing inductive flyback
  • Part Number: SCC020D300

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Latest News

New Design! 1200V, 60A SiC IPM

Designed using the latest generation of SiC FETs, this 1200V, 60A full bridge power module with an integrated gate drive uses power chip on board technology for optimal high-power density in a conduction cooled package.
more »October 2022

New! Next-Gen Multi-Channel SSPC Board

Designed for high reliability 28VDC applications, Sensitron’s latest generation multi-channel solid state power controller board features 32 electrically protected channels, programmable from 1A to 10A with total card carrying capability of up to 280A.
more »September 2022

High Voltage SSPC Module rated up to 100A

Designed for use in high reliability 375V DC applications, these programmable modules feature extremely low power loss and no derating over temperature range.
more »August 2022

Sensitron and EPC Collaborate to Introduce a High Power Density 350 V Gallium Nitride (GaN) Half Bridge Intelligent Power Module (IPM) That is 60% Smaller Than Comparable Silicon Solutions and Lower Cost

Sensitron introduces the SPG025N035P1B GaN half-bridge module using the 350 V EPC2050 eGaN® FET from Efficient Power Conversion (EPC).
more »May 2022

New Design! Smart GaN Power Modules with Integrated Gate Drive

Sensitron has designed a family of Gallium Nitride (GaN) Power Bridge Modules with an integrated gate drive, ideal for power system applications requiring low voltage (100V to 350V), in an extremely small package. Featuring fast switching and low Rdson, these wide band gap modules are available in two package options or custom bridge configuration with optimal top side cooling to the package lid.
more »March 2022

High Power Precision Protection

Sensitron offers among the industry's highest power levels in vehicle power surge protection, with proven capability to customize packaging or electrical specifications.
more »January 2022

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