Power Modules with Advanced Lightweight Packaging (SiC Power Modules)

Power Modules (Military Power Modules, SiC Power Modules)

Three Phase IGBT or SiC MOSFET Bridges with SiC Diodes

Product Features:


  • IGBT with SiC Diodes
  • 600V, 900V, & 1200V, 15A to 150A
  • Options for integrated gate resistors, brake switches, brake resistors, thermistors
  • Low profile, lightweight construction
  • Superior fatigue resistance & superior temperature cycling
  • Integrated G-E & G-S resistors for higher ESD immunity
  • Integrated brake resistor with direct heat transfer to base
  • RTD to monitor module temperature
  • 3-Phase Bridge with exteremely low power dissipation SiC die (10mohms)- the lowest in the industry (SPM1018)
  • Part Number: SPM Series
  • For more information, contact us at sales@sensitron.com


Sensitron provides a family of ultralight rugged SiC power bridge modules up to 1200V, 150A for high-reliability applications requiring high power in a lightweight and small footprint package. Three-phase, full bridge and custom bridge modules are available with AlsiC and copper base options for high thermal capacity. Contact us for your Power Module design needs.

3-Phase IGBT Bridge with Brake IGBT plus 3-Ph Bridge Rectifier with Inrush SCR

Product Features:


  • 1200V, 150 Amp, Three phase bridge
  • 1200V, 133A SCR input bridges with 63A diodes
    • (P/N:/ SCM1001)
  • 1200V, 32A SCR for half controlled bridge with 80A diodes
    • (P/N:/ SHM1001)
  • Upper & lower regenerative brake IGBT switches
  • Near hermetic construction
  • AlSiC baseplate for superior temperature cycling capability
  • Standard flying lead I/O with operational D-Sub connectors, allowing control board wiring without bus bar interference
  • Use of 4th generation IGBT and diodes for reduced IGBT and switching losses
  • RTD to monitor module temperature
  • For more information, contact us at sales@sensitron.com

For different configurations, please contact us at: sales@sensitron.com