Sensitron's Power Hybrid Devices offer the highest performance to space ratio, and are superior to competing technologies. Dependent on your space and size constraints, Sensitron offers the Power Hybrid specific to your design requirements.

  • Superior thermal performance and high power density
  • Flexible design configurations and various power device options
  • Best performance/space ratio over competing technologies
  • Sophisticated advanced simulation and modeling tools with an R&D team
  • Sensitron is certified to MIL-STD-38534 Class K and Class H

Small Signal Hybrid

  • Input Voltage: 12 Vdc max
  • Float Voltage: 50 Vdc max
  • Parallel redundant translator for satellite

Half Bridge Motor Module

  • 600V, 7Amp
  • High transient power capability
  • Very compact package
  • High accuracy current monitor on both rails
  • Versatile cooling solution

Chip & Wire

  • Flexible packaging options
  • High electrical conductivity
  • Power semiconductor construction capable
  • Flexible bare chips and chip parts selection
  • Automation friendly

Small Area Devices

  • Electrically isolated package
  • Flexible bare chip and die selection
  • Mechanical strength
  • Power semicondutor construction capable
  • Automation friendly

Hermetic Power Hybrid Packaging

  • Electrically isolated package
  • Mechanical strength
  • Metal Shielding
  • Low Thermal Resistivity
  • 3Ph IGBT Bridge
  • 600V, 180A (Tc=25C)
  • 4.31x2.82x0.352" body
  • Part Number: SCP-5865

3ph IGBT Bridge + Drivers

  • 600V, 50A (Tc=25C)
  • 3.0" x 2.1" x 0.36" body
  • 3.65oz
  • -55C to +125C Tcase operating
  • Shoot-thru protection