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MIL-STD- 704 and 1399 Modules

Sensitron offers a wide array of COTS products that can be used in ship propulsion, navigation, guidance, and other applications for maritime defense, including lighting strike protection of shipboard electronics.

Type Config Peak Pwr Duration Vrwm, Min Leakage Max @Vrwm Vbr, Min Ippm Vclamp @Ippm, Max Action
704-15K36T Uni 15kW 1ms 31.5 100uA 36V 300A 51V Request Quote
90KS200 Bi/AC 90kW 1ms 180V 10uA 200V 270A 335V Request Quote
SCP-5282-4 Uni 10kW 33V 20mA 33.8V 120A 37.7V Request Quote
SCP-5282-9 Uni 10kW 30V 20mA 30.2 120A 33.5V Request Quote
SCP-5425 Bi/AC 460kW 50us 50uA 233V 1200A/ 200A 385V/330V Request Quote