Sensitron produces a wide variety of high reliability die with a 45 year heritage, and has served the medical implantable device market for over 10 years.

General Purpose, Fast, Ultrafast Rectifiers
  • Voltage: 50 to 6000V
  • 1A to 70A Chip
  • Trr: 25ns to 3000ns

TVS Die Products

  • Broad voltage range available
  • Broad spectrum transient suppression
  • 500W, 1500W surge capability

Zener Die Products

  • Working Voltage: 3.3V to 390V
  • Power: 500mW – 5W
  • 5% tolerance for Vz

Schottky Die Products

  • Soft reverse recovery at low and high temperature
  • Broad voltage range: 15V-200V
  • 500W, 1500W surge capability

Small Signal Switching Die Products

  • Voltage: 70 to 150V
  • Up to .3A

Die Services

  • MIL-STD-883 (or MIL-STD-750) Visual Inspection
  • LAT/Element Evaluation Sample Preparation
  • LAT/Element Evaluation Testing (Class H/Class K)
  • Wafer Lot (or single wafer) traceability
  • Molybdenum Tab/ Disc-Die-Disc Assembly
  • Waffle Packaging
  • Dicing
  • Electrical Probing
  • Process Change Control
  • JANKC process qualified

Die Options