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Sensitron and EPC Collaborate to Introduce a High Power Density 350 V Gallium Nitride (GaN) Half Bridge Intelligent Power Module (IPM) That is 60% Smaller Than Comparable Silicon Solutions and Lower Cost

Reducing size and cost were key concerns of Sensitron when designing their latest generation GaN power modules. By replacing traditional silicon FETs with EPC’s 350 V, EPC2050 GaN FET, Sensitron was able to reduce the size of their solution by 60% while also improving the module’s already excellent junction-to-case thermal conduction. The SPG025N035P1B from Sensitron is a high power density 350 V, 20 A GaN half bridge with an integrated gate drive, optimized for stray inductance and switching performance at 500 khz. Rated at 20A, the module can be used to control over 3 kW. Sensitron’s proprietary topside cooling technology on this ultra-small, lightweight high power density package (1.10" x 0.70" x 0.14") allows for optimal thermal performance. The SPG025N035P1B was designed for commercial, industrial, and aerospace applications.

The SPG025N035P1B module uses the EPC2050, a 350 V rated GaN FET with 80 m? maximum RDS(on), 26 A peak current power in an extremely small chip-scale package that measures just 1.95 mm x 1.95 mm. The EPC2050 provides Sensitron with a high efficiency solution due to the low switching losses, and a high power density solution due to the extremely small size. The EPC2050 is also ideal for multi-level converters, EV charging, solar power inverters, lidar, and LED lighting.

“We are delighted to be working with EPC. By using the ultra-small EPC2050 GaN FET, we could design a 350 V half bridge module with higher efficiency and 1/3rd the size of alternative silicon solutions allowing us to capture very high-density applications”, commented Richard Locarni, Director of New Business Development, Sensitron.

Alex Lidow, EPC’s CEO added, “This application is a great example of the real benefits that GaN brings. We have worked closely with Sensitron to find the best eGaN FET to meet the design challenges that the power-density requirements of their module demands.”

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