Solid State Power Management

Sensitron is capable of supplying custom design Solid State Power Products and Remote Power Controllers that satisfy many unique electrical and mechanical requirements. The Solid State Power Controller (SSPC) and Remote Power Controllers (RPCs) are microcontroller based Solid State Circuit Breakers designed to be used in varous hi-reliability applications. Sensitron's line of Solid State Relays can be used wherever hi-reliability is a necessity but non-hermetic pricing is a project requirement. Both standard and custom products are available and can include features such as photovoltaic optical isolation and power MOSFET output, providing extremely low on-resistance.


Applications / Markets


  • Military Ground Vehicles
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • Marine Vessels
  • Test & Industrial Equipment
  • Communication and Command Centers
  • Energy Exploration Equipment
  • Off Highway and Heavy Duty Vehicles
  • Medical Emergency Vehicle

Product Features:

  • SSPC and RPCs combine protection, remote control and health monitoring functionalities
  • True I2t and instant trip protection
  • Solid state reliability
  • Software and hardware current rating programmability
  • Accurate current, temperature and voltage measurements
  • Isolated discrete or serial interface controls and load monitoring
  • False trip and EMC reduction
  • Built in test features

Sensitron Advantage

  • Variety of the Commercial Off-the-Shelf SSPC and RPC products availability reduces lead time
  • Flexible, battle-tested technology allows for reduced design time
  • Efficient electrical and mechanical design optimized for small space/footprint
  • Minimal power dissipation and wide-temperature range operation
  • Life cycle cost savings and reduced cost of ownership
Solid State Power Controllers: Single Channel Modules

Programmable 28V DC Solid State Power Controller Module, SPDP Series up to 50A


  • No heatsink required
  • 28V DC input with very low voltage drop
  • Low Weight: 27 gm max
  • True I2t protection
  • Instant trip protection (50 msec typ) for loads above 10X Rating
  • Repetitive fault handling capability
  • Thermal memory
  • Internally generated isolated supply to drive the switch
  • Built-in R-C filters to avoid latch up during a radiation event
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High Voltage 270V-375V DC Solid State Power Controller, SPDP Series up to 50A


  • No heatsink required
  • 375VDC Input with Very Low Voltage Drop;
  • 220mV, typ. @ 10A for SPDP10D375
  • Low Weight: 40 gm max
  • Soft Turn-on to reduce EMC issues
  • True I2t Protection up to 8X rating with Nuisance Trip Suppression
  • Unlimited Interrupt Capability; Repetitive Fault Handling Capability
  • View Datasheet for 270V, SPDPxxD270
  • View Datasheet for 375V, SPDPxxD375

Programmable High Current 28Vdc, 80A, 130A or 150A Solid State Power Controller



50V-1200V DC Solid State Relay, SSR Series up to 100A


  • 2000V input to output/output to baseplate isolation
  • Up to 1200V blocking
  • Up to 100A continuous current
  • Up to 400A surge capability
  • Single wide range DC input signal 4.6V to 36V
  • Low power control, 0.5W typ
  • Low "on"state resistance
  • Fast turn on/turn off
  • High current terminals
  • Three point mounting plate
  • RthJC = 1.15°C/W
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New! Multi-Channel Solid State Power Controllers Boards & Enclosures

Multi Channel Boards/Cards


  • Available in:
    • 16 channels (Diamondback Series)
    • 32 channels (Diamondback Series)
  • Parallel channel capability of all channel groups
  • 5Vdc or 28Vdc aux power
  • Programmable up to 25A per channel
  • CAN interface (Diamondback Series)
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Multi Channel Enclosures


  • Available in:
    • 4 Channels (Boa Series), up to 400A
    • 1 or 2 16-Channel (Diamondback)
    • 1 or 2 32-Channel (Diamondback)
  • Highest current smart power module in the industry
  • Design and production capability
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Solid State Relay


Bi Directional Constant Current Source Controller


  • 150A continuous rating, 150A max current limit
  • Bi-directional
  • No auxiliary power required
  • CAN Bus J1939 compatible
  • Control and status monitoring over CAN bus
  • 500V isolation from chassis
  • -45C to 100C operating temperature range
  • Dimensions: 6.60" x 4.00" x 2.64", Weight: 3.85lb max
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