Lightning Strike Protection Modules

High Power Lightning Strike Protection, Levels 4 & 5


  • High Power Lightning Strike Protection in composite frame aircraft for28V system bus protection, that handles peak power with margin
  • DO-160 Section 22, Level 4&5, Waveform 5A & 5B compliant
  • 100% tested to 1600A peak current (Level 5), 100% tested to 750A peak current (Level 4)
  • Superior clamping performance
  • Thru-hole and SMT available
  • Rapid prototyping and integration
  • High power dissipation and Bi-directional capability
  • Significant price reduction across all order quantities**

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**Price reduction on the LSP family ranges from 25% to 85%

Lightning Strike Protection for High Power Primary LSP Protection Applications, LSP28C-20K-37


  • For induced lightning current spec having 1.3MW peak power, 20kA Ipk, 6.5us waveform with 2kA tail for another 50us
  • Low inductance, low resistance for the lowest clamping voltage
  • Lower height threaded insert connection
  • Designed to meet RTCA/DO-160G, Section 16, Category B
  • Part Number: LSP28C-20K-37
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