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Hi-Reliability/ Space Product Line

Schottky Rectifiers: (Single, Dual, High Current)

Schottky Diodes
Schottky Rectifier Dice

Silicon Carbide Schottky Rectifier

Power Rectifier: Ultra Fast Rectifier (less than 100ns)

Power Rectifier: Fast Rectifier (100 - 500ns)

Power Rectifier: General Purpose Rectifier (more than 500ns)

Silicon Rectifier Dice: Ultra Fast Rectifier (less than 100ns)
Silicon Rectifier Dice: Fast Rectifier (100 - 500ns)
Silicon Rectifier Dice: General Purpose Rectifier (more than 500ns)

Diode Assemblies: Center Tap / Doubler Assembly
Diode Assemblies: Single Phase Bridge
Diode Assemblies: 3-Phase Bridge

Oil Cooled Bridge


Rotating Rectifier

Voltage Regulators : Positive Fixed
Voltage Regulators : Negative Fixed
Voltage Regulators : Positive Fixed SM
Voltage Regulators : Negative Fixed SM
Voltage Regulators : Positive Adjustable
Voltage Regulators : Negative Adjustable

Voltage Regulators : Ultra Low Positive Adjustable
Voltage Regulators : Dual Voltage

MOSFETs: N Channel
MOSFETs: P Channel
MOSFETs: N Channel SM
MOSFETs: P Channel SM

Motor Controllers

AC-DC-AC Converter


DC-DC Converters

TVSs: Transient Voltage Suppressor
TVSs: TVS Module
TVSs: TVS Array



Zeners: Zener Diodes

Zeners: Zener Die Products


IGBTs: Discrete w Freewheeling diode
IGBTs: Discrete w/o Freewheeling diode

IGBT Modules
: 3-Phase Bridge with Gate Drivers
IGBT Modules:Gate Driver
IGBT Modules
:HV IGBT Solid-State Switch


MOSFET Modules: 3-Phase Bridge with Gate Drivers
MOSFET Modules:Gate Drivers


Power Factor Correction


Solid State Relays


Solid State Power Controller/Relay



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