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High Temperature IGBT Three Phase Bridge- TJ 170oC

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Sensitron now offers a high temperature 1200V, 40A IGBT three phase bridge. These high temperature bridges can operate up to 175C junction temperature, and are ideal for use in high reliability power supplies, AC to DC conversion, and applications where tight parameter distribution is a requirement. Typical motor control applications include use in military aircraft and combat systems, and motors in pumps, fans, blowers, compressor and servo amplifiers.

Product Features

  • Low EMI

  • 175C Max Junction Temperature

  • Low Gate Charge

  • Short Circuit to Withstand Time- 10us

  • Easy Paralleling Capability due to positive temperature coefficient in Vce

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Product Type Switching Frequency VCE (max) IC(max) @ 25C IC(max) @ 100C


 2-20kHz 1,200.0 V 75.0 A 40.0 A


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