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Control Protection / Isolation Switching

Schottky Rectifiers

All (Single, Dual, High Current)

Schottky Diodes

Silicon Carbide Schottky Rectifier

Power Rectifiers
Ultra Fast Rectifier (less than 100ns)

Fast Rectifier (100 - 500ns)

General Purpose Rectifier (more than 500ns)

Diode Assemblies
Center Tap / Doubler Assembly
Single Phase Bridge
3-Phase Bridge

Bridge Assemblies

Oil Cooled Bridge

Rotating Rectifier


Three Phase Full Wave Bridge Rectifier, SBR Series


Voltage Regulators
Positive Fixed
Negative Fixed
Positive Adjustable
Negative Adjustable

Dual Voltage

Integrated Electronics


Motor Controllers


Power Converters: DC-DC, AC-DC, DC-AC 


DC-DC Converters


Programmable Solid State Power Controllers


Solid State Relays


Multi Channel Solid State Power Controller


Power Factor Correction


Efficient Solenoid Driver

Transient Voltage Suppressor
TVS Module
TVS Array

 TVS Cell

Lightning Strike Protection



Zener Products

Discrete w Freewheeling diode
Discrete w/o Freewheeling diode

IGBT Modules

3-Phase Bridge with Gate Drivers


N Channel
P Channel
N Channel SM
P Channel SM

MOSFET Modules

3-Phase Bridge with Gate Drivers

Isolated Diode Arrays

Die Products
Space Level Solutions

Space Level Diode Arrays (SDA Series)

Space Level TVS Arrays (STB Series)Diode Arrays

Space Diodes: JAN QPL and Equivalent Diodes

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