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Multi Channel Solid State Power Controllers Boards and Enclosures

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Multi-Channel Solid State Power Controller Enclosures/Boxes

Sensitron's series of Programmable Multi-Channel Solid State Power Controllers (SSPCs) are microcontroller-based, COTS Solid State Power Controller boards designed for 28VDC applications. Each channel has software-programmable current ratings and can operate grouped with other channels to support higher current loads. The boards has integrated current, temperature and voltage sensing and no derating over temperature. Parameter measurements, system status information and control
commands are issued over a serial communications interface. 1-25 amps. 
Four Channel Multi Channel SSPC Enclosure for 28Vdc Systems
  • Four individual channels programmable to 100A
  • Up to 220A with channel paralleling
  • Total current up to 400A
  • 28Vdc derived auxiliary power
  • CAN bus communications
  • Power-up and continuous self-test (BIT)
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4 Channel SSPC

CAN-Networked Line Replacement Units SSPC

  • 32 independent loads
  • Paralleling of all channel groups
  • Ideal for 28Vdc systems handling up to 400A
  • Circular, rugged connectors
  • Design and production capability
  • 100C operation
  • J1939 CAN interface
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Multi-Channel Solid State Power Controller Boards

Diamondback Series: 32 Channel Board

  • 32 programmable channels

  • 28Vdc of 5Vdc aux power supply

  • Total board current of up to 220A

  • CAN interface (up to 1Mbaud)
  • Current, line voltage and temperature measurements
  • Paralleling of all channel groups

  • MIL-STD-1275 compliant

  • Request a datasheet
32 channel

Diamondback Series: 16 Channel Board

  • 16 programmable channels

  • 28Vdc aux power supply

  • Total board current of 210A

  • Up to 25A per channel

  • High inrush current capability

  • Paralleling up to 125A

  • MIL-STD-1275 compliant

  • Request a datasheet

Cobra Series: 6 Channel Board

  • Up to 6 channels, can be used individually or in parallel combinations

  • Programmable from 1 Amp to 25 Amps rated current

  • Parallel channel capability up to 150 amps

  • RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 serial interface bus

  • Battleshort setting to prevent tripping in extreme circumstances

  • Maintenance mode for safe maintenance

  • Request a datasheet

Compliant Documents and Standards:

MIL-STD-1275B, Notice1


MIL-STD-217F, Notice 2

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